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Everything you need to save time and money on your groceries...
Compare grocery prices colorado and save money on your groceries

for just a dollar per week!

Save money on your groceries Colorado

Save money on your groceries Colorado!

Sign up right now and lock in your price for lifeno price increases ever, we promise! We'll be adding tons of great features and content to our basic service in the future, but you'll always pay the price you originally signed up for today.

Compare thousands of grocery prices at all Colorado King Soopers, Safeway, and Albertsons to easily make your shopping list with the very best deals in your area. You will save thousands on your groceries every year simply by making a better shopping list... and you can get it all for just $1.00 per week.

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Compare grocery prices colorado and save money on your groceries
Save money on your groceries Colorado

You'll save thousands on your grocery bill!

How does Peanut Butter List save you money on your groceries?

Imagine if you could know the best deal on all of your groceries before you even leave your home. Imagine you knew which store had the best sales on every item you wanted to buy before you got in your car. Imagine that you knew what the best deal was for every item on your list. That's exactly what Peanut Butter List does for you!

          • Know when a sale is actually a sale.

          • Know which store near you has the best deals.

          • Know when your favorite items are on sale at their lowest price.

          • Save hundreds every month and thousands throughout the year

          • All for just $1.00 per week!

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When you sign up for any plan with the Peanut Butter List you'll get 15 days to test us out with unlimited access to the entire list and every feature. You'll easily save more money than the cost of any one of the memberships during your trial period. Sign up, make a few lists and save a bunch of money on your groceries before you even pay a dime in membership fees.