Compare Prices

Every week we compare thousands of grocery prices side-by-side at your favorite grocery stores so you can easily find all of the best deals near you.

Match Coupons

We match hundreds of coupons from multiple sources directly to your shopping list which makes using coupons simple and easy.

Save Money

Buy all of your groceries at their lowest possible prices every time you shop. Never pay full price again and never miss another great sale!


Unique Prices Per Store


Matched and Available Coupons


Different Grocery Stores


Prices Updated Every Week

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  • Thousands of Unique Items

    Compare nearly 7,000 unique item prices from every corner of the grocery stores.

  • Includes Store Brands

    Our ever growing list includes both National and Store Brand products so you’re sure to find everything you’re looking for when making your list.

  • Largest List of Grocery Prices Online

    Our list of items includes both advertised and unadvertised prices and is the largest list of compared prices found online.

  • Prices Updated Weekly

    We update all of the prices every Wednesday evening after the grocery stores have changed their ads for the week.

  • Hundreds of Coupons Matched

    We match hundreds of coupons from multiple sources directly to your shopping list which makes using coupons simple and easy.

  • Designed by Coupon Pros

    We consulted several coupon pros to develop our coupon system and have made it robust enough for a pro yet simple enough for a beginner to easily start using coupons.

  • See Your Savings

    As you create your shopping list and add coupons you’ll instantly see your savings totals and know exactly how many coupons you need to grab or print to maximize your savings at the store.

  • Add Your Own Coupons

    We’re developing a Coupon Bank that allows you to create and maintain a digital version of your coupon binder. Plus you can share and trade coupons with other members to help everyone save more money at the grocery store.

Personal Favorites
Email Alerts
Saved Lists
Historical Data
Ratings and Comments

The Peanut Butter List has everything you’ll need to save time and money at the grocery store!


Personal Favorites:

Set any number of items as your personal favorites with one click to create a searchable filter of all of your favorite items. This makes finding the items you buy most simple and easy.


Item Alerts:

Set alerts for any item and receive email alerts when the items go on sale at or near their lowest historical price. Never pay full price again and never miss another great sale!


Saved Lists:

Save unlimited lists to save time. Simply load a saved list to view the current prices on the items from your list. Make a list for birthdays, camping, holiday meals, staple items, or anything you want!


Ratings and Comments:

Rate and comment on any item to let others know how good or bad an item is. This is especially helpful with store brand items to encourage people to save even more money by buying a comparable store brand product. Sharing is caring!


Product Images:

All of the products on the list have a reference image to help in finding the exact items you want to buy.


Product Details:

Every item has a full description including package details, brand name, manufacturer, and flavor.


Item Information:

Need more info on your item? Most items have the complete details including full description, ingredients, and nutrition facts.


Historical Data:

Quickly view the items historical price data. View the high, low and common price based on its history. You can also view the predictive sales cycles and get an estimate of when an item will be on sale again for its lowest price.


Coupon Indicator:

Indicates when a coupon is attached to an item and how many coupons are available for each item. Simply click the icon to adjust coupon quantities and to see the coupon rules. You can also add your own coupons to any items and get the most out of all of your coupons.


Sale Details:

View the complete sales information for each item and at each store. Get a full description of the sales rules and any quantities needed to get the lowest price along with the full price if you do not meet the sales rules. For Mix and Match and other sales you can click the red tag to view other items included in the sale so you can easily find different items to help qualify the sales rule and get the absolute best price..


TruSCORE Grading System:

Every price is given a score between 0 – 100 so you can see at a glance how good or bad each price is based on its historical data. Score of zero means it’s a bad deal and a score of 100 means that it’s at its lowest price in history. Using this same scoring system you’ll see how well you are using the Peanut Butter List to save money and any areas where you might have more opportunity to save more.