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Advertised and Unadvertised prices are important in saving you money and we know there's far more deals at a store than what they show you in the ads or what you can find on most websites. So we made our huge price list of items to include both the advertised sales as well as tons of unadvertised deals! In any stores flyer you'll find about 250 items or so. With our list of more than 5,000 items you'll find thousands of unadvertised deals in every store! 

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Price Alerts: With a simple click you can set a price alert for any item while making your grocery list. Whenever the item goes on sale at or near its lowest historical price you'll get a notification letting you know. Perfect for couponers who want to set alerts for their coupons and match the coupons to the best possible deals.

Personal Favorites: Click the heart next to any item to mark it as one of your favorites. Change your mind? Simply click the heart again. Favorites become a sortable category so you can easily find all of your favorite items and compare the current prices. All of your favorites are automatically moved to the top of the list in each category so they are the first items you'll see as you create your grocery list.

Saved Lists: You can save an unlimited number of lists and create quick access to your specific shopping lists. Perfect for recipes, birthday parties, camping trips, holidays, and anything else you can think of. We also automatically save the last list you were working on so you can casually make your list throughout the week or have other family members add to the list before you shop.Simply click on a saved list to load up the current prices.

Store brands: There's a lot of great store brand products out there that not only taste great but also have a smaller price tag. So, included on our lists are a lot of the store brand products to help maximize your savings. Some are good, some are great, and most of them can save you lots of money at the grocery stores versus the national brands. We also offer a ratings and comments area for every item on the list, so if you find a store brand you like... tell people about it!

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